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Reebok Basketball Shaq Graphic Tee Black 100031572

Reebok Basketball Shaq Graphic Tee Black 100031572


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Bringing in KING of the “dad sneakers”; Reebok! This iconic streetwear brand redefined what was cool back in the early 80’s and have been providing that perfect mix of sportswear and lifestyle ever since. They’ve produced items that have become cult classics, were licenced to the NBA and NFL back in the day and continue to create pieces that embody style over everything!

Now we’re bringing you their Basketball Shaq Graphic Tee featuring a ‘pure aggression’ graphic across the front a nod to how Shaq played the game. Shaq was one of Reebok’s key athletes back in the 90’s and the tee features Shaq doing one of his monstrous dunks in a stencil like design, with aggression and his jersey highlighted in a contrasted colour.

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